Hohm by Molton


The Legend E-Volved
Amplify your adventure with a solar-powered drivetrain that can get you anywhere the sun goes.
Charge effortlessly into the unknown with 350+ miles of range, offline mapping, and eyes on every corner.
Unplug from your world with a hot shower and queen-size bed in the middle of anywhere.
Designed for the best night’s sleep wherever you end up.
Hohm is an off-grid, zero-emission, adventure vehicle for camping, overlanding, and living. The military-proven Humvee drivetrain is electrified with a solar-enhanced dual-motor electric powertrain. Hohm is wherever you want it to be.
Aerodynamic Hood
The lightweight fiberglass hood with embedded solar eases air over the cabin greatly improving range.
Off-Road Lighting
High-powered front and rear lightbars plus integrated flood and spotlights help keep you out of trouble any time of day.
Trail Sentry
Wide-angle cameras around the vehicle eliminate blind spots for perfect tire placement on the narrowest of ridges.
Integrated Solar
1.3 kW of integrated high-strength solar panels boost your off-grid range by 25 miles a day.
Onboard Water
The 25 gal water supply with integrated heater, shower, and double-bowl sink helps Hohm feel like just that.
Offroad Dominance
Hohm comes standard with 16" of ground clearance, enough torque to get you over 90% of the world, and a winch to get you out of the rest.
Room for Friends
With all seats up, five adults can fit with leg room to spare. For the first time, they'll be fighting over the middle seat.
Room for Toys
Easily rearrange the interior on the fly to fit two bikes, a handful of surfboards, or whatever gets you down your mountain.
Room for Dreams
With the simple pull of a pin, the rear bench effortlessly transforms into a queen-size bed.

350+ mi

Range (Miles)

25 mi

Solar Range (Per day)

4 sec

0-60 mph

180 kWh




10k lbs

Towing Capacity

5 adults


2 adults


25 gal


16 in

Ground Clearance


Approach Angle


Departure angle

184.5 in


86.5 in


130 in